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What is KeiganMotor

KeiganMotor is a motor module® born from the idea of adding the function of a robot to the motor itself.
It features a high-performance motor, controller, wireless module, sensor, etc. that are all integrated.

It supports a wide range of languages such as Python, Arduino, Node.js, Node-RED and allows you to easily perform “rapid prototyping”.

As a powerful tool for engineers, researchers, designers, and manufacturers, it is useful for full-scale robot development and realization of how to change manufacturing.

KeiganMotor Concept Video

Wireless and Free Design

KeiganMotor can easily be connected from a smartphone or tablet via BLE communication (Bluetooth Low Energy).
※Use the dedicated app

It works with a 5V 2.4A USB battery so that you can easily carry it anywhere you want.
A wide range of designs are possible without being restriced by various constraints.

Use as a Sensor

KeiganMotor can be used as an input device (sensor) by detecting rotation angle and torque.
By recording the angle information in the built-in flash memory, it is possible to record and playback (teaching/playback) the motion of “how you moved”.
Furthermore, it has a built-in accelerometer and gyro sensor, and can also be applied to attitude control.It is also possible to create a robot with just the KeiganMotor

Add Functionality From the Application to the KeiganMotor


With the KeiganCore application, which embodies the the concept of “adding functions to the motor itself,” it is possible to easily create a robot by assigning multiple motion roles to multiple KeiganMotors.

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Enrichment【Documents】to Shorten Development Time

We provide a programming environment that allows you to fully use the functions of KeiganMotor.

Programming development is possible from your smartphone, microcomputer, PC, and Raspberry Pi, with wireless BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and wired USB or I2C serial communication.

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●Implement complex motion control quickly and easily
Equipped with a taskset (recording control instructions in advance in flash memory)
●Motion recording and playback (motion teaching/playback)
●The value of the gyro/accelerometer can be acquired
●All SDK’s and API’s are open source