KeiganMotor Pizza Cutter

The KeiganMotor is very versatile, allowing it to be used in many different ways. One of the many possibilities is to make an automatic pizza cutter. After putting a pizza on the machine, you can have your pizza cut easily without doing any work. It gives you the option to choose how many slices of pizza you want, and operates with the push of one button.

How it Works

The pizza cutter works using two KeiganMotors. The first KeiganMotor is located under the cutting board, which it is attached to. This rotates the cutting board a certain amount of degrees based on how many slices are needed.

The second KeiganMotor moves the cutting blade back and forth by a rack and pinion attached to the motor, along with a rail below to help it move and stay straight. It is set up to only cut after the cutting board is done moving.

The KeiganMotors use 2 Type-C USB cables for connection to where the program is located, and 2 Type-B Micro USB cables to connect to a power supply. When connected, the program will ask you how many slices you want, and when you type the amount it will cut to give the input amount of slices.

The Pizza Cutter Assembly

The pizza cutter works with multiple parts. The KeiganMotor uses a rack and pinion to move back and forth. The back is connected to a L shaped support bracket that connects the pizza cutter holder on the back of the KeiganMotor and on the bottom a Wheel bearing slider guides and helps the assembly move along the rail.

Main Parts

  • Pizza Cutter Base
  • Cutting Board
  • 4 Rollers (To support and help cutting board turn)
  • 2 KeiganMotors
  • 3 Aluminum Support Beams
  • Rack and Pinion (3D Printed)
  • Rails (3D Printed)
  • Wheel Bearing Slider
  • Support Bracket (3D Printed)
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Pizza Cutter Holder (3D Printed)
  • 2 Type-C USB Cables
  • 2 Type-B Micro USB Cables
  • Bolts/Nuts/Screws/Etc.

Pizza Cutting Demonstration