Year: 2017

Article list

KeiganCore Android ver. released

We released KeiganCore app for Android. Please download from the following page. Please update Android OS to more than 6.0 to make it work properly.

Thanks: All the pledges shipped.

We have shipped all the products of crownfunding. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the backers’ support . Thank you !! Takashi Tokuda | Keigan Inc.   Kickstarter Kibidango  

KeiganMotor On-air “A Motor to Power Your Ideas”

We were interviewed about KeiganMotor by NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organization) We explained the feature and purpose of KeiganMotor. You can watch the program all over the world through the Internet about in two weeks. Please check it if you are interested !    

We posted the video

Our video, “KeiganMotor for Rapid Prototyping” is now released We posted the video on YouTube. This less than two minute short video explains usage of KeiganMotor.

Participation in Crowdfunding Festa 2017

Keigan Inc. participated in Cffs2017 (Crowdfunding Festa 2017 organized by Japan Super Backers) at mixi bldg. in Shibuya, Tokyo on January 9, 2017. Cffs2017 was held to invite more people for crowdfunding. In this exhibition, you could listen to investors’ talks and see presentations of those who would start their own crowdfunding project in near future as well as those